Paint Estimating – Get More Paint Jobs

Do you think that selling paint projects is just giving a minimal price and letting the customer decide which painting contractor has the lowest cost? Do you believe that price is the one thing on people’s heads when they purchase from a builder? If your paint estimate was equivalent to the next painter however that Painter in Brampton was ugly, physically dirty and’d booze on his breath ; that painter would the customer choose?

What I am getting at is the notion that price is not the only factor when a client chooses a paint contractor. The biggest reason I hear from paint builders is that they either lose jobs because their cost is too high or else they don’t estimate a job correctly.

Consider these things when doing a paint estimate.

1) Customers want value when deciding which paint estimate they’ll go with. What’s value? It’s not the least expensive cost. It is the belief that the customer is getting more value for the price from one painting contractor compared to the other.

2) Quality is relative to this price. If the customer thinks that the painting quote is too low then they might believe the paint contractor is low balling, cutting or inexperienced costs by cheapening the job somehow or another. The customer will then believe they’re not getting good value from that paint estimate and will not but from that builder even if the price is lower.

3) Service is a big issue on the planet. Is your painting contractor perceived as being dependable, will the paint builder complete the job in the fastest time? Will the contractor complete in any way? In the event the contractor fails in certain service dilemma, is the consumer getting good value?

4) Do you buy the least expensive tools, food, clothes or anything else? As a professional painting contractor, you know that buying cheap tools may indicate that you’ll possibly buy a instrument twice, when the cheap tool breaks and the next time when you buy a good instrument to replace the cheap tool that broke. Is cheap the best value? The client thinks about this when looking at a house painting estimate.

To acquire more estimates, establish in your customer’s minds which they will get better value from you. The way to sell more would be to educate your clients. Selling is instruction, and educating your customers will get you more customers. Does the customer believe you will give them less or more when you do work for them?