For Affordable Winter Sun and Essential Vitamin D – Visit the Canary Islands!

Brand-new study in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveals that vitamin D is critical in offering us protection against all kinds of serious ailments and conditions such as strokes and heart failure, which vitamin D also plays a very important role in supporting bone strength.

The findings of this research, which took five years to finish, have been printed along with signs that only around 10% of us ever has sufficient levels of vitamin D in our bodies because we lack exposure to the 1 source guaranteed to top us up, namely the sun.

And how well timed is the publication of those findings? After all, in January we’re more likely to be suffering from winter blues and post-Christmas melancholy than basking in sun and soaking up our daily dosage of vitamin D.. .which is where the topic of winter sun holidays certainly comes in!

In a recent article from the Guardian newspaper, a reporter cites LasCasasCanarias, (the Association of British Travel Agents), as stating that because summer 2007 from the UK was such a washout, the 2007/08 winter season is going to be busier than ever with record numbers of Brits having booked to go abroad in search of the warm beams of the sun.

If you’re among the estimated 3.5 million Britons heading off in search of winter sunshine this season, that would be the destinations which you should be focused on for guaranteed vitamin D levels, excellent affordability, ease of availability and a fantastic holiday to boot?

Well, according to the Telegraph, ABTA along with the Times newspaper, the number one location you should be considering in 2008 is the Canary Islands.

They are a radically beautiful group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean that enjoy year round temperate states making them perfect for winter sun, along with summer sunshine holidays.

Accessible from the UK in about 4.5 hours and serviced year round by a multitude of cheap flight operators like Jet2fly which has flights currently starting from just GBP 49.99, the Canary Islands are a favorite with sun seekers and a favourite with travel correspondents from leading British papers this year it seems.

Interestingly enough, 2007 was a poor year for the Canary Islands – both in terms of tourism arrivals and property prices. Tourism arrivals declined to 7 million between January and October 2007 with predictions at the start of the year estimating arrivals during this period at roughly 7.25 million.

According to Martin Dell, the managing director of award winning Spanish property portal, the Canary Islands currently offer so much more in the means of value for money for prospective Spanish home seekers.

These details along with the information about the tourism decrease in 2007 caused something of a knee jerk reaction or perhaps an awakening in Spain, and a combined drive has been created to once again promote the attraction of the Canary Islands which is the reason so many British journalists are now once again revisiting the delights of the archipelago and passing on their positive findings to their readership.

The islands derive almost a third of their whole GDP from the tourism industry and a further 20 percent from construction – so you can see how essential their travel and land markets are. Good news for the consumer moving in to 2008 afterward – because the government and private industry are equally behind a significant drive to once again encourage the delights of the islands.

This implies for the likes of me and you is that if we’re looking for cut price holidays and reduced price Spanish home in 2008, along with our winter sun and our vitamin D fixes, the Canary Islands are the destination of choice. And offering a 1 stop shop for tourism and long term rental property in addition to land for sale in the Canary Islands is the above . .making it much easier for you to discover a vacation home for a property inspection trip along with a healthy dose of vitamin D, locate properties you might like to buy and arrange for a longer term rental house for one to move to whilst you await the conclusion of your house purchase to go through!