The Way to Save Money on Your Car

Echnological developments have given rise to processes that have made it possible to recycle most parts of a car. Nowadays every part such as steel, plastics, distinct parts, fluids used in a vehicle is recycled.
The majority of the fluids used in automobiles require proper disposal. This is because should they leak into the environment, they can cause significant damage. The main reason is that they contain toxic chemicals.

Let us see Many fluids that are utilized in a car and their Effects on the environment:

Engine Oil:

Internal combustion engines of automobiles need regular changes of oil and oil filter. If we consider the amount of cars on road, you can imagine the quantity of waste engine oil that’s generated. But fortunately, engine oil can be recycled. You can eliminate used oil from your car and give it away to a recycling centre. You can replace used oil with fresh oil.


Antifreeze shouldn’t be allowed to escape into the environment. This is because it is toxic and it might mix with underground water. The antifreeze water is sweet to taste and can be consumed by children and animals. This can be hazardous for health. The good news is that there are methods to recycle antifreeze.

Anti-transmission fluid (ATF):

If this fluid is released into the surroundings, it causes severe damage. It seeps into the soil contaminating it. Animals and insects consume it and die. This impacts the food cycle and negatively affects the ecosystem. These pollutants make their way to the water source also. This adversely impacts the life span of aquatic creatures. Recyclers collect used ATF so that it does not get leaked into the environment.

Brake Fluid:

Brake fluid contains glycols, solvents, and heavy metals. It is also flammable. Consequently, it should be carefully disposed of.

Windshield washer fluid:

This fluid is toxic in nature since it contains methanol, detergent, and water. It shouldn’t be mixed with other automotive fluids.

Fluids can easily leak into the environment resulting in irreparable damage. Hence, we should all make a conscious effort to ensure that this leakage is averted. As there are recycling centers to recycle the majority of these toxic fluids, we should do our bit to disposing of them.

We can collect utilized fluids in containers and give them away at recycling centers. However, we must ensure that we collect the different fluids separately. Safe disposal of automotive fluids is a great service to humanity.