How to Read Magic Tricks


The most commonly made mistake by beginners in mentalism magic is believing the more tricks they understand, the better they’re going to appear. On the contrary, the best mentalists will usually only function between 6 and 3 really great mind reading tricks on any 1 event that they know inside out. What beginners can’t get their head around is how it is how it really looks to the audience and not what the mentalist believes it looks like. The urge to do as many tricks as they can in a space of time is difficult to suppress.

That being said it’s completely understandable, I mean many mentalists will go from having no attention to having the whole room of people surrounding them and believing they’re pretty damn cool and interesting. The shock and amazement after a tricks revelation is addictive to say the least, therefore they want to cram in as many of these moments as they could, but what they do not notice is that the potency of the tricks will lessen and there is a tendency not to be congruent with each effect. When I say being congruent, I mean sticking with mind reading tricks which have an excuse. The problem with the beginner is that in finding mental magic they will typically stumble on plenty of basic magic tricks and after running out of thoughts reading material will proceed onto these obvious sleight of hand tricks. This will usually make the audience assume the mind blowing mentalism tricks done earlier were nothing more than sleight of hands conjuring tricks.

Although 5 tricks might look like a small number, the professional mentalist will know how to stretch these tricks to last considerably longer than a beginner would, thus building the suspense of the last revelation that increases the applause of the crowd. Normally the tricks will begin with a brief narrative, describing a phenomena, setting the scene for the effect and then building up the expectation slowly until a final gasp in the audience. The propensity to rush up the build is a hard thing to control for the beginner in mind reading magic.