How to Find the Best Car Repair Shop

If you have got yourself into a bit of a fender bender, chances are you’ll need to discover a body shop to dent repair your car or truck. With tens of thousands of body stores in the United States alone, it’s important to know that they are definitely not all made equal.

And do not think that the caliber of a repair occupation does not matter much. A really bad repair job can lessen a cars value by up to 50%. To put it differently, even if an insurance company is paying for repairs now, you are going to be paying for it later, when you’re forced to sell your car for less than it should be worth. For just this reason alone, you’ll want to choose a body shop very carefully.

1). Know that a good body shop before you go!

Being prepared, with a great body shop in mind before getting in an accident, is best. In this manner, you will be prepared to move quickly and get the car in quickly, expediting the entire process. Further, you’re prevent stress overload, and save your self from making a hasty decision. When it’s too late for this, fear not ; read on and get ready to obtain the right body shop!

2). How did you hear about the body shop?

Did you just find a body shop in a phone book, or was the shop referred to you by close friends, relatives, or co-workers?

3). Look at some recent bodywork

If possible, attempt to have a look at some recently completed work. Look for paint lines, swirls, uneven fitments, and other tell-tale signs of less than perfect work.

4). Request for Guarantees and Warranties

Ask whether any type of warranties or guarantees are offered. Many body stores will guarantee their work for at least a 3 or 6 month interval. If the shop doesn’t offer warranties, ask them.

5). Look at what sorts of cars the body store is working on.

If you find a lot of nice cars being fixed, this might be a indication that the body store does quality work with quality parts. On the other hand, if the store appears to be fixing a bunch of ‘beaters’, you might choose to appear elsewhere.

Also, it’s important to see whether the body shop works on your type of car. Ask the owner if he’s ever worked on your specific model. Often times a shop will specialize in certain makes and kinds of automobiles. You will want to bring your vehicle to a body shop that’s comfortable with fixing it, if you expect good results.

6). Take a look around the entire body shop

When assessing a body shop, have a look around the work area if possible. When there is a large amount of dust and dirt present, and the shop seems to be cluttered, you might want to look elsewhere.

7). Ask about payments

This may have an impact on your choice, based on how you plan on paying. Additionally, be somewhat wary of body shops that ‘Only accept cash’ or have shady payment conditions.

8). Show your desire for quality body work

Be sure the shop is well-aware of how important quality body function will be to you. Should they know you have quite substantial standards, they will probably try to do great work. This may have a very positive impact on the final result, and surely can not hurt.

When an insurance company is paying for the repairs, don’t try to ask the body store to ‘cut corners’ to cover your deductible. This is not merely contrary to the rules, but it is going to frequently lead to you receiving a far poorer level of support. Pay your deductible and get the job done correctly.

By following all the above hints, you need to be able to choose an excellent, trustworthy body shop to complete your repairs. Overall, be sure to trust your gut feeling when creating a last choice.

Buddy has authored several automotive articles and is President of Big Bucks Auto, one of the Tri State places biggest used car buying services. In Big Bucks Auto, you can get quick cash for cars minus the hassles of selling privately or the pains of trading in at the trader.