Barefoot Shoes at the Beijing Silk Market

I got in Beijing recently with an afternoon free so my pal and travel buddy K and I decided to go window purchasing at the Silk Market. This was on the Grave sweeping as well as Qing Ming holiday so the market was even busier and more hectic than normal.

Basically I was dragging Nited kingdom along for company and to share the pleasure regarding walking through the market. Can’t explain exactly why but I seriously enjoy the atmosphere of that place. Call me strange nonetheless it is like a drug! We both said we would buy nothing at all. Famous last words.

How we got there – Typically when visiting the Silk Market, I arrive on foot or simply by bus and enter through the main entrance around the street. This time K and I caught the subway from Beijing Train station and entered the Silk Market by means of exit A at the Yanganli subway station. There is an beneath ground corridor that connects exit A directly to the particular Silk Market basement so you do not even need to begin to see the light of day when entering the market. Cool!

Also this underground corridor is lined with stalls exhibiting eye catching bargains so temptation begins before you even the particular market proper.

Speaking Spanish – Never ceases to be able to amaze me how the staff there can fleece traveler in so many languages. I saw Spanish man and his friends and family start to walk away from a shoe stall when the seller will not meet his price. Determined not to loose the sale, the owner let loose a rapid fire string of Spanish and convinced the departing customer to return. She ended selling sneakers to both the man and his wife at what could have been enormous mark ups.

Barefoot shoes – While surfing around the first floor, K saw some Test des Jackshibo that the lady had to have. The price offered by the seller was 600RMB. We browsed our way up to the 6th floor then worked the way back to the 1st floor where K had an agenda. I’m a white male which makes me a liability in terms of haggling so K told me to make myself scarce although she did some serious shopping.

K visited several shops selling barefoot shoes and ended up getting her barefoot shoes for 150RMB. That’s right. She battled the price from 600RMB all the way down to 150RMB. Found out later that night from an Us couple we met that the same shoes in the US expense $80. K paid around $18 for hers. Good work.

So a word of advice to the ladies. Do not go shopping with men in the Silk Market. No matter if they are any just a friend like me, a husbands or relatives. Get rid of them and you’ll save a lot of money.